What Face Shape Are You


Best Style: Feathered and soft around the face.
Color: Lighter around your face helps soften the jaw line.
Avoid: Short cuts ( above jaw), they axaggerate squareness.


Best Styled: Lucky Lucky! Any style looks good on you!
Color: Lighter around face can accentuate your lovely shape.
Avoid: Covering your nice shape with heavy bangs.


Best Style: A cut that creates more volume at the bottom
of your face.

Avoid: Short, full styles that draw attention to your upper face.
Also, don’t leave it too long. Four inches below your shoulders is


Best Styled: Longer pieces that fall around your face
lengthen and slim. Longer wispy fringe also works well
with your shape.

Color: Subtle low lights at the side of the face and highlights at
the top can create the illusion of length.

Avoid: Round cuts and blunt bangs.


Best Styled: sleek styles look great too. Blunt bangs can
make your face more feminine. Though, these are not for
the short of forehead.

Color: Subtle highlights at the sides, and not so much at the top,
can make the face appear shorter.

Avoid: Too much length! It can make faces look longer.

source: http://bit.ly/Je09dH

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