Ready To Brush Up


The Denman Paddle Brush. You can detangle with it, blow dry with it, massage your head with it, and tease hair with it.

Ibiza Round Brushes. These are my favorite round brushes for home use. They’re gentle enough to give in to a tangle, but strong enough to get tension for smoothing out waves.

Cricket Metal Round Brush. This brush acts as a curling iron when it heats up. Most people use this when they want a little bend on their ends without using a curling iron.

This is like #2 and #3 mixed together. Since this brush has both boar bristles and nylon bristles you have more control over the hair than you do with a regular metal core brush.

Spornette- “porcupine” G36. This is a popular brush for bangs.

This is use for updos and smoothing down fly aways. It’s also a great brush for soft teasing!

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